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New Announcement: New Project approved by Quality Education Fund
New Announcement: Project successfully completed
Ceremony to present the Certificates and Souvenirs to the Teachers and Students in "A Web-base Database and Training for Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation"
Student project 2: Supermarket and Market Plants
- Reports from students
Prof. Paul Pui-Hay But / Prof. Lee-Man Chu /
Prof. Michael Ming-Yuan Chang
Use Internet to Faciliate Medicial Plants on Biodiversity Protection and Usage (PDF Format, 2.9MB)

畢 培 曦 教 授 / 朱 利 民 教 授 / 張 明 遠 教 授
利 用 互 聯 網 促 進 藥 用 植 物 的 多 樣 性 保 護 和 利 用
(PDF 格式, 2.9MB)
Student Project 1 - Reports
Student Project 2 - Lists of Common Food Plants
Student Project 2
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