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Hong Kong Vegetation 160 years ago (cont'd - page 6)
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The condition of the climate with respect to humidity is as variable as that of temperature. The atmosphere, as a general rule, is usually saturated above the average of the latitude; but this is also liable to much fluctuation. The northerly winds will sometimes occasion excessive aridity; while the southerly winds of the spring months, on the contrary, give rise to long-continued damp fogs, and a close moist state of the atmosphere. Rain is registered in all the months; but the least in December and January, according to some protracted observations. The greatest amount falls in May and the four following months, the excess, according to an average of sixteen years, occurring in this month. These observations give an annual average fall of 70.6 inches, but it has been known to attain 90 inches. The great irregularity in the fall of rain is conspicuous on a comparison of the deposit in 1840 with the above. In this year the amount was 61.1 inches, and September was considerably the wettest month, whilst December, which in the long average produces only nine-tenths of an inch, now had six inches. With such a state of deposit the number of rainy days is probably very great, though I find no detail respecting them; and, as a consequence, the saturation of the atmosphere will be such as to bring the prevailing dew-point near the temperature.

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