About Us

This project was conducted by Chan Chung Kit, Lin Hoi Yan Amanda and Wong Sze Ka, who are Year 2 Biology students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2004-2005).

We took a study trip to the 5th China International Garden & Flower Expo on October 22, 2004. The trip was led by the professor of our Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation course, Prof. Paul But. We would like to thank the members of the Organizing Committee, Dr. Chen and Dr. Zhu, for kindly giving us a talk on the planning and execution of this Flower Expo.

Left: Prof. Paul But , Right: Dr. Zhu Left: Prof. Paul But, Right: Dr. Tao Chen

On this trip, we learned a lot about garden planning, designing, managing and ornamental plants. It was a fruitful trip and we totally enjoyed it.

From left to right: Chan Chung Kit, Wong Sze Ka, Lin Hoi Yan Amanda