Garden Description

Summary of the different styles of gardening

There are a lot of gardens coming from different countries with different culture and they are designed based on the concept of "People live in Harmony and Prosperity with Nature". That means when visitors come to the gardens, they integrate into the nature (天人合一). Just like the butterflies take nectar from flowers; human, like us, enjoyed visiting the gardens, being drunk with the nature there and we acquired a lot of valuable knowledge from them.

Individually, each garden has its own uniqueness. Some of the gardens have many different plant species to attract visitors, for example Xian Zhi Yuan (仙芷園). Besides, some gardens have various decorations, e.g. rockwork, stream and sculpture, to enhance the pastoralism, for example Shi Wai Tao Yuan (世外桃園) and Bai Po Ren Jia (柏坡人家). In terms of culture, some gardens use a lot of Chinese traditional ideas such as decorating the garden in a way that can create a quiet and comfortable environment, for example Ke Jia Feng Qing (客家風情). On the other hand, some gardens mix the elements of traditional and modern designs, for example Butterfly Garden (蝶園).

Generally, pagoda, bridges and artificial lakes are used as background to highlight individual gardens. This can beautify the whole view of gardens. At the same time, these decorations and planning can imitate a natural environment. Once we step into exposition site, we feel that we are really soaking into the environment and integrating into it.




Plant Documentation

In our trip, we documented plants in gardens we have visited.

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Plant Documentation for each garden

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