The Best Garden

"Shangrila" exhibition area 世外桃源

"Shangrila" exhibition area of Changde City occupied an area of 800m2. There are waterfall combining dynamic and static water scene, overlapping water and central water surface which reflect Changde's feature of a region close to lakes. With the farmhouse, fishing boat, mill wheel and relief rock of "Liu Hai chopping woods", poem wall and other landscaping works with folk custom and local cultural feature.

The Garden creates a proper atmosphere of rural area and watery regions by planting many trees including peach tree, square bamboo, mottled bamboo, cotton rose and calamus and other native species, as well as some endangered plants, such as Chinese dove tree and gingko.

To create such wonderful Garden views, the background music with local characteristics is also played.

A famous Chinese poem called "Tao hua yuan ji (桃花源記)" written by poet called Tao Yuen Ming was carved at the entrance. Inside the garden, there is a bronze buffalo resting in the centre of pond and 2 ducks are swimming beside it resulting in a wonderful relaxing scene. Sitting inside the farmhouse, we felt very comfortable and relaxed.




"Baipo's Family" 柏坡人家

The second best garden we chose is "Baipo's Family" which is a Hebei Garden.

"Baipo's Family" is built like a chair facing to the west, with an excellent broad view and occupies a land of about 800m2.

It is a very good garden, not just because of more than hundred of Hebei's indigenous plants and local plants including willow, pear, jujube, maple, ginkgo and red leaf tree etc. are found there, but also because the constructor has an outstanding and creative design for the garden.

At the centre of the garden, there is a Hebei's local house, which reflects a sense of purity. On the roof of the house there are two sculptures that impress us very much, one is a chicken and the other is an eagle. Both animals give the house a strong character of uniqueness. Besides sculptures, woodcarving, stone carving, paper-cut and some other folk are all very nice.

"Baipo's Family" integrates with mountain, sea, folklore and environment, acting as a court in hilly forest amid buildings. With willow planted in front of its entrance, the green willow screen against breeze is attractive to visitors.



"Butterfly Garden" 蝶(緣)園

The third best garden we chose is "Butterfly Garden" which is a Ningbo Garden.

We like this garden because it represents a transition area between a traditional Chinese garden and a modern garden. "Butterfly Garden" occupies an area of 1500m2. The construction idea is based on the traditional Chinese story about a pair of lover, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai based.

The garden has mixed the local plants in Ningbo with the element of love. This Garden embodies the love story by means of Garden methods and specific images, allowing this story to be more attractive. We felt that even if the visitor is a foreigner, he or she can also understand the story by visiting this specially designed garden. Besides the excellent idea, the garden also uses more than 40 species of plants including Ningbo's city tree fragrant camphor tree and city flower camellia. Ormosia tree which is used as love icon is spread all over the garden. This Garden integrates the traditional symbols and modern gardening technologies organically in terms of its style, and the scenic spots are linked with plots of story.