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Abstract (Student Project 4 - Botany on Pui O Beach)

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Student Project No. 4
Botany on Pui O Beach

Participants (St. Paul’s Co-educational College)
Cherry Chow (6C)
Lee Benedict Chi Kay (6C)
Chow Jun Wing Dextra (6C)
Kong Shing Yam (6C)
Li Leanne Gi-ming (6C)
Fung Wai Lok (6C)
Chan Pui Kwan (6C)
Tse Pui Ying (6C)
‧Leung Lok Chi (6C)
‧Yip Siu Tung (6C)
‧Leung Hiu Nam (6C)
‧Tse Jacqueline Cheuk Kwun (6C)
‧Wong Dai Cheung Jonathan (6C)

Environmental pressure of plants on Pui O beach
Environmental pressure of plants on Pui O beach
a)unstable substratum
b)pruning effects of wind
c)salt spray by wind
d)poor water supply, rain water not well retained, sea water of little value
e)high salt content of water
f)tidal changes
g)high irradiation, little shading, refraction by sand
h)wide range of temperature fluctuation at ground level, high around noon time and possibly some 20°C lower at night
i)low nutrient supply
j)exposure to herbivores

Some plant species on Pui O Beach
Vitex rotundifolia 白背蔓荊
Launaea sarmentosa 匍莖栓果菊
Crinum asiaticum var. sinicum 文殊蘭
Spinifex littoreus 鬣刺
Pandanus tectorius 露兜樹
Agave angustifolia 狹葉龍舌蘭
Caesalpinia bonduc 刺果蘇木
Casuarina equisetifolia 木麻黃

Vitex rotundifolia 白背蔓荊
Family: Verbenaceae

Features and Adaptations
Opposite leaves
White hairs on the lower surface of the leaves
Purple flowers
Long tap roots  penetrate deeply into the soil
Hairy lower surfaces of leaves  reduce water loss
Prostrate stems  better anchorage and colonization

Launaea sarmentosa 匍莖栓果菊
Family: Compositae

Features and Adaptations
Perennial herbs
Rosette leaves
Leaves are hairless, fleshy, pinnately lobed or toothed
Heads are solitary, with yellow ray flowers
Spreading by stolons  better anchorage
Milky juice  acts as a buffer to withstand high temperature

Spinifex littoreus鬣刺
Family: Gramineae

Features and Adaptations
Undergoes both sexual reproduction and vegetative propagation
Stout spiny leaves  defend against herbivores and trespassers
Thick waxy layer  reduce water loss

Crinum asiaticum var. sinicum 文殊蘭
Family: Amaryllidaceae

Features and Adaptations
Flowers fragrant and white in colour
Leaves dark green
Fruits globose, shiny white when ripe

Floatable fruits  water dispersal

Pandanus tectorius 露兜樹
Family: Pandanaceae

Features and Adaptations
Leaves linear, leathery, with serrated margins
Multiple fruits globose

Fruits are floatable  water dispersal
Aerial prop roots  support

The dried leaves are used to weave hats, baskets, mats, and other items
The orange-red pulp surrounding the individual parts of the fruit is well flavoured and safe to eat.

Agave angustifolia 狹葉龍舌蘭
Family: Agavaceae

Features and Adaptations
Undergoes both sexual reproduction and vegetative propagation  better colonization

Caesalpinia bonduc 刺果蘇木
Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Features and Adaptations
Leaves bipinnately compound
A climber

Casuarina equisetifolia 木麻黃
Family: Casuarinaceae

Features and Adaptations
Leaves scale-like, verticillate

Adaptations of plants on Pui O Beach
low lying, prostrate, stoloniferous
dwarfed aboveground
extensive underground growth, e.g. long tap root
vegetative growth
spiny leaves
leaves hairy, thick cuticle
stem thorny
bearing latex
floatable fruits for water dispersal


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