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Student Project 3: Botany on Victoria Peak

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Chang Ming Thien College

Group member:
Cheung Pik Ying
Lam Hoi Yee
Leung Ying
Wong Hang Yu
Yeung Shuk Ching
Chiu King Ching

1) People use lichens as air quality monitors.
2) Certain lichens are raw material of litmus papers.

Characteristics: No true roots, stems, or leaves and lack of lignified vascular tissue.
Bryophytes are small. They commonly live in humid and shaded habitats.

Climbers ascend by clinging to other objects for support. Climbing vines may use aerial roots, twining tendrils, twining leafstalks, tendrils tipped with adhesive disks, or some variation of these structures.

Compound leaf
A compound leaf is composed of two or more distinctly separate leaflets.
Function: Prevent accumulation of water on the leaf surface.

Simple leaf
(e.g. Lantana camara)
A leaf with a single blades is termed simple.

Thorns or spins
Function: Prevent being damaged by animals.

(e.g. 棕葉狗尾草 Setaria palmifolia)
Adaptation: Their seeds are very small and light. Thus, suitable for wind-dispersal.

1) Woody plant
2) With several stems

(e.g. 紅花酢醬草 Oxalis corymbosa)
Definition: Weed is an aggressive plant which colonizes disturbed habitats and cultivated lands.

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