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Student Project No.3:
Botany at Victoria Peak
Date: 17 April, 2004
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Teacher's name: LAM Lai-yung

Students' names:
Lai Ka Yue 4A
Chan Wing Shan 4A
Ho Kit Yan 4A
Chiu Lok Nga 4D
Yau Nga Ting 4D
Siu Ching Yin 6C

Alocasia macrorrhiza
Watch out, it is poisonous.

Alocasia macrorrhiza
Flowers of Alocasia macrorrhiza

Mallotus paniculatus
The lower side of the leaf is white in colour.

Goat Horns
Strophanthus divaricatus
Goat Horns is one of the poisonous
plants in Hong Kong.

Alpinia hainanensis
-Seeds are useful
Chinese medicine

Do you know what it is?
Fruits or flowers?
Ficus pumila

Ficus elastica
Like a giant!

Aerial roots of Ficus elastica

Datura candida
Common name:
Angel's Trumpet

Datura candida
Flowers and leaves are poisonous.
Leaves can cause irritation to skin.

Lantana camara 五色梅(馬纓丹)
(馬鞭草科 Verbenaceae)
A straggling shrub very common on wasteland. It is armed with prickles
its leaves give off an unpleasant smell when crushed.

含羞草 Mimosa pudica
(含羞草科 Mimosaceae)
A mild to moderate diuretic, enhances regeneration of nerve,
The plant is commonly used for bleeding disorders.

樟樹 Cinnamomum camphora
(Camphor tree) (樟科 Lauraceae)

A large, round-canopied and evergreen tree,
whose leaves are triplinerved and bear oil glands.

紫花酢醬草 Oxalis corymbosa
(酢醬草科 Oxalidaceae)

Flowers violet blue; stems and leaves containing oxalic acid.

野漆樹 Rhus succedanea
(漆樹科 Anacardiaceae)

大頭茶 Gordonia axillaris
(Hong Kong Gordonia)
(山茶科 Theaceae)

蒲葵 Livistona chinensis
(Chinese Fan Palm)
(棕櫚科 Arecaceae)


Cibotium barometz

Lamb of Tartary
Cibotium barometz


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