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Date: 15 May 2004
Place: The Peak
Time: 10:45am-12:00pm
School name: SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School
Students names: Ngai Chun Lam,
Leung Yin Yung,
Lam Wing Yan

Plant Function:
Protection: Poisonous

Plant name:
Alocasia macrorrhiza (L.) Schott 海芋

It is poisonous because of the needle-shaped oxalate crystals.

Protection: Spiny or thorny

Plant name:
Citrus reticulate Blanco 桔樹

Thorns help ward off herbivores.

Protection: Hairy

Plant name:
Callicarpa kochiana Makino 枇杷葉紫珠

Hairy young leaves to prevent its leaves from being damaged by insects.

Insect pollinated flower

Plant name: Ficus spp. 榕屬植物
e.g. Ficus pumila L. 薜荔
Ficus fistulosa Reinw. ex Blume 水同木

Flowers arranged in a fig.
Fig wasps serve as pollination agents.

Wind dispersal

Plant name:
Acer sino-oblongum Metc. 濱海槭

Winged fruits help wind dispersal
Reduce competition in space and nutrients
Help colonization

This is a compound leaf.

Compound leaf

Plant name:
Scheffera heptaphylla (L.) D. G. Frodin 鴨腳木

A compound leaf composed of many leaflets
It prevents accumulation of water on the leaf surface

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