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Tools & Methods

  There are some tools that can help in plant identification:
  (1) Magnifier (hand lens, microscopes)
  (2) Forceps
  (3) Knife, scalpel, razor blade, cutter, pruner, scissors
  (4) Needle
  (5) References, e.g., floras, manuals, pictorials, check lists, guide books, web sites
  (6) Authenticated specimens
  (7) Binoculars, metric ruler, altimeter, compass
  (8) Chemicals (e.g., concentrated potassium hydroxide, phenylenediamine, and calcium hyperchlorite (bleach), for identifying lichens; methylene blue for identifying bryophytes)

  There are several methods for plant identification:
  (1) expert determination (most reliable and accurate)
  (2) recognition
  (3) comparison with specimens, photos, illustrations, descriptions
  (4) use of keys and similar devices
  (5) matching specific markers (e.g., DNA sequence, histochemical changes)

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