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40th Anniversary, CUHK
Flower talks
Visit by QEF representatives (Mr Jackson Ho, Senior Project Officer, and Mr Raymond Chan, Project Officer)

1) Mr. Jackson Ho, Senior Project Officer 2) Mr. Raymond Chan, Project Officer
3) Prof. Paul But showing visitors around 4) Project displays
5) Visitors viewing project displays 6) Board displays on "QEF Project" and "Euphorbiaceae"
7) Visitors viewing board displays on the exhibition 8) Visitors viewing botanical drawings
9) Visitors viewing botanical drawings 10) Visitors viewing botanical drawings
11) Visitors viewing brochure on "Art in Botanical Science" exhibition 12) Visitors viewing news clippings on "Art in Botianical Science" exhibition
13) Alliance schools souvenir flags 14) Visitors discussing alliance schools of the project
15) Displays on field trips 16) Visitors viewing photos for teacher trainings
17) Visitors viewing photos for teacher trainings 18) Visitors discussing teacher trainings
19) Project Leaders showing student project reports 20) Visitors viewing student project reports
21) Visitors studying student project reports 22) Discussion on student project reports
23) Visitors viewing photos taken for project events 24) Visitors viewing presentation
25) Visitors reviewing website 26) Group discussion
27) Group discussion 28) Group discussion
29) Group discussion


The Chinese Universiy of Hong Kong Number of Visitors :
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