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Excoecaria cochinchinensis Lour.

Chinese name: 紅背桂

Common name: Cochinchinese Excoecaria 


Habit: Evergreen shrubs to 1 m tall; branches glabrous, numerous-lenticellate, often much-branched.

Leaves: Leaves opposite, rarely alternate or nearly 3-whorled, papery, narrowly elliptic or oblong, 6 - 14 cm long, 2 - 4 cm wide, base attenuate, apex long-acuminate, margins serrulate, glabrous, green abaxially, purple or dark-red; midvein convex on both surfaces, lateral veins 8 - 12; petioles 3 - 10 mm long, eglandulose at apex; stipules ovate, ea. 1 mm long

Flowers: Flowers dioecious in axillary or terminal racemes; male inflorescences 1 - 2 cm long; female ones 3- to 5-flowered, slightly shorter than male; male flowers: pedicels ca. 1.5 mm long; bracts broad-ovate, ca. 1.7 mm long and wide, serrulate inside base biglandulose, each ones 1-flowered; branchlets 2, linear, ca. 1.5 mm long, lacerate-serrulate on upper part, biglandulose at base; sepals 3, lanceolate, ca. 1.2 mm long, serrulate at apex; stamens exserted the calyx, anthers rounded, slightly shorter than filaments; female flowers: pedicels strong, 1.5 - 2 mm long, bracts and bractlets as in male; sepals 3, slightly connate at base, ovate, 1.8 mm long, ca. 1.2 mm wide; ovary globose, glabrous; styles 3, free or more or less connate at base, ca. 2.2 mm long

Fruits: Capsules globose, ca. 8 mm in diameter, truncate at base, concave at apex

Seeds: Seeds nearly globose, ca. 2.5 mm in diameter

Flowering: Almost throughout the year

Fruiting: -

Distribution: Cultivated jn New Terr, Sha Tin, Kowloon, Aberdeen, Tuen Mun, Fanling, Tai Po, Botanical Garden of Hong Kong. Guangxi (Longzhou); cultivated in Taiwan, Hainan, Guangdong, Yunnan, Fujian. SE. Asia

Uses: Ornament; All parts are used as medicine for measles, parotitis, tonsillitis, strain of lumbar muscles

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