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Playground/rifle butts, corner of Lugard and Harlech Roads
Wordie, Jason (2002) Streets – Exploring Hong Kong Island.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Press, pp. 91-97.

This quiet, tree-shaded sitting out area at the cornel of Harlech and Lugard Roads is one of the few places along here that has a public toilet. And being relatively remote, they're almost always very clean, unlike the ones close to the Peak Tram that arc invariably foul. The well- equipped chi1dren's playground here seems unplayed in for the most part, and the vegetation becomes quite thick towards the flat area to High West. Remarkable as it may seem today, in the 1920s this site was considered sufficiently far away from houses to be used as a small firing-range; a few elderly residents can still recall the sharp crack of rifle Fire coining from here on a weekend afternoon. The target butts were located facing High West and the hillside, and were no longer used alter the Pacific War.


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