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Peak Lookout
Wordie, Jason (2002) Streets – Exploring Hong Kong Island.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Press, pp. 91-97.

The Peak Lookout is a low, bungalow-style building, and has counterparts in other old British hill-stations in the region, such as Eraser's Hill near Kuala Lumpur and Penang Hill. For decades the Peak had a highland village feel to it, with very little traffic and no crowds. The nearest the place came to bustling activity before the war was at the old Peak Hotel next to the Peak Train, which served cream teas and hot buttered crumpets on foggy winter afternoons. For many local families in the 1950s. a trip up to the Peak followed by an ice-cream or lunch at the Peak

Cafe — as it was then known — remains a well-remembered Sunday treat, and one of the few outings available.

For decades very little changed at the cafe, either the menu, the decor or the prices. As the local population's tastes and expectations expanded, the old-style Peak Cafe lost its appeal and gradually declined in popularity. Threatened with demolition in the early 1990s, a spirited campaign to save it resulted in a face-lift, new management and greatly renewed popularity. Increased prices reflected the changes, but the attractive old building lead an atmosphere lacking in many newer places. It has since changed hands as well as changed its name, and the interior design has been completely altered.


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