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Peak Galleria
Wordie, Jason (2002) Streets – Exploring Hong Kong Island.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Press, pp. 91-97.

This expansive shopping complex, very popular with tourists and other visitors, was once the site of Peak Mansions, a medium-sized residential block for medium-grade expatriate civil servants. It was used as headquarters for the Hong Kong Volunteer Defense Corps for a time during the fighting for Hong Kong, and was also badly damaged by shelling during that time. Renovated after the war, Peak Mansions was repaired and resumed its original function as government housing until it was demolished in early 1989 and the Peak Galleria built on the site.

In front of the shopping complex there is a splashing cybernetic fountain, apparently one of (he 'must-be-photographed-in-front-of locations for mainland visitors to Hong Kong, or so it appears, given the large numbers standing and snapping away in front of it at any hour. Most of the shops inside are aimed straight for the tourist market, as the T-shirts and other merchandise on offer attest. After wandering around the Peak for a k\v hours on a hot day the Haagen-Daaz shop on the ground floor, with its wonderful variety of ice-creams and sorbets, is just the place to relax for a while and cool off.


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