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Victoria Peak - Literary Works

Peak Tram Terminus, Victoria Gap
Wordie, Jason (2002) Streets – Exploring Hong Kong Island.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Press, pp. 91-97.

The Peak Tram has been trundling its way up to the Peak since 1888. The High Level Tramway, as it was first railed, was the first cable railway in all of Asia. Soon after followed by another on Penang Hill, it still remains one of the steepest in the world. In 1888 a Peak-bound tram left the lower terminus near St John's Cathedral every fifteen minutes, the journey took eight minutes and the gradient in places was one in two. It is exactly the same today, albeit with new vehicles, and remains one of the few elements of Hong Kong that has changed little with the passage of time.

The Peak Tram remains one of Hong Kong's enduring favourites, popular with residents and tourists cannot be a visitor to Hong Kong who has not taken a ride on The Peak Tram at least once. The trams are Swiss-made, and pass each other on the way up or down. There are four stops along the way, at Barker Road, May Road, McDonnell Road and Kennedy Road. Though few passengers alight at intermediate stations these days, they are a reminder of the time when the tramway, for Peak residents, was as much an everyday commuter service as the MTR.


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